HTML-tidy is a great software by Dave Raggett. Let's have a look at his web site for a full description of html-tidy. The new home of html-tidy is now You'll find there the source of the lastest release, the new tidy-lib, some documentation and FAQ, and a lot of links relative to html-tidy.

You'll find here the binary for Atari of html-tidy, some extra programs (call-tidy, GEMtidy) and links which deals with the Atari version of html-tidy (or GEMtidy).

What's new

may 19th 2003
Update: beta release based on tidy-lib.
Update: GEMtidy 0.85

january 19th 2003
Update: beta release based on tidy-lib.
Update: GEMtidy 0.84

november 17th 2002
Update: GEMtidy 0.83

november 9th 2002
Update: beta release based on tidy-lib.
Update: GEMtidy 0.82


You'll find here 3 binaries for TOS/FreeMiNT (command line version, without GUI):

CallTidy is a scriptfile (actual two pieces) for use with Scripter (a program from Application Systems Heidelberg). It uses the two plugins listbox.plg and form.plg, which are contained in the Scripter-packet normally. You can use CallTidy to call the html-Validator Tidy easy. You can appoint and save the location of the html-files, the log-path, etc. and call tidy with this fixed parameters.

GEMtidy is "HTML tidy" with a graphic user interface (GUI) and some usefull protocols so that it can be easily used from other softwares like Joe (an HTML editor), luna (text editor), ez_edit... You'll find more about GEMtidy here.


description archive size
html-tidy release "4th august 2000" (last official release) 119.259 bytes
html-tidy beta release based on tidy-lib (19th may 2003) 150.689 bytes
call-tidy (scriptfile for Scripter) http://.../ 48.053 bytes
GEMtidy version 0.85 (19th may 2003) 231.300 bytes

More about GEMtidy

[snapshot] GEMtidy as stand-alone application

GEMtidy can be used as a stand-alone application. In this case, GEMtidy is just "HTML tidy" with an intuitive GUI front-end. In the snapshot, the upper right window is the main form (entry point of the application), and when you clic on the OK button, tidy is running on your file, and a list of warnings/errors reported by tidy is diplayed in the "GEMtidy log window" (bottom of the screen)... but the best comes when GEMtidy is called from another application and interact with it.

[snapshot] JOE by Pierre TONTHAT (

In the snapshot, the left window is the "module window", which contains an icon per module. The last icon is for tidy. A clic on the "tidy icon" will call GEMtidy, and open the bottom window which contains the list of errors/warnings reported by tidy. That window is interactive with JOE : its content is updated when you save the file in JOE, and a "clic" on the GEMtidy window change the text cursor position in the editor window (so that the cursor point to an error reported by tidy).

[snapshot] LUNA by Richard Gordon Faika (

LUNA is a great text editor with a lot of features. One of these feature is "plugin". GEMtidy is compatible with LUNA "plugin" feature. When editing an html document, you can call GEMtidy thru the "plugin" menu. Then, tidy will scan your file and report a list of warning/errors in an interactive window, just like with JOE.

[snapshot] EZ_EDIT by Roland SEVIN (

EZ_EDIT is a powerfull free text editor. GEMtidy is perfectly integrated in EZ_EDIT so that you may see none of GEMtidy window when you call gemtidy from ez_edit.

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